Kemberton, St Andrew

St Andrew, Kemberton

4 bells, tenor 6cwt in Bb TF11 9LJ SJ 729045

Sunday: by arrangement only - check with tower correspondent

Treble:  Thomas Clibury II of Wellington, 1671
Second:  Abel Rudhall of Gloucester, 1753
Third:   Henry Oldfield II of Nottingham, 1596
Tenor:   William Clibury of Wellington, 1621

Access to the spiral staircase is through an internal door in base of tower. The ropes fall in a straight line in the order 2 1 4 3. The stays are unusually short, and the sliders have blocks fitted to them to ensure contact.

Parking is on the rather narrow road through the village. There are plans for augmentation to six.


Kemberton frame layout

The frame layout - l to r: Tenor, 3, Treble, 2

Kemberton tenor headstock

The 'arched' headstock of the Tenor

Kemberton tenor moulding

The unusual moulding
wires on the Tenor

Kemberton 3rd

The oldest bell - the third bell
by Henry Oldfield of Nottingham

Kemberton 3rd stay

The stay of the third bell

Kemberton date

The date on the third bell

Kemberton slider

The block on the Tenor slider

Kemberton 2nd cannons

The cabled canons on the second bell

Kemberton 3rd moulding

The 'Royal heads', formerly used
at Worcester, on the
Henry Oldfield bell