Shropshire Association Peals

These pages contain details of all the peals known to have been rung for the Shropshire Association. It is largely the work of Nick Green, who correlated various incomplete lists and other sources while preparing an article for the 2002/3 Association Report.

In general, the details given in the original source have been used, even where these conflict with current usage, e.g. in some names of methods. Where stated, Tenor weights are those believed when the peal was rung.

Names have caused some confusion, e.g. B Leslie Jones and Bertram L Jones are believed to be the same person, as are L Hewitt, George Hewitt, G L Hewitt and G Leonard Hewitt. It is quite possible that two people with similar names have been confused or that one person appears under two names. Maiden and married names are noted if known.

Any corrections would be gratefully received.

It is possible to search the records under the following headings:

Peal number and date Leading peal ringers
Tower Leading peal ringers - current members
Method(s) Leading conductors
Ringer Leading conductors - current members
Missing information Leading towers
Peals published for the Association which were published thus in error, or were ineligible